Shecanflatoutplay- Ultrasound Update

As always, I am grateful to Grace for providing this update on Play and her recent ultrasound.

It has been about three months into rehabbing Shecanflatoutplay, so today we decided to ultrasound her tendon again. My vet and I are thrilled with how great it looks and how well it is healing! We came up with a short-term game plan for going forward in her rehab process in order to continue her healing and getting her ready to be ridden.

Heading to Tampa

When we get to Tampa, Play will go to a riding farm on November 1st where she can start being turned out in a small field everyday. I will let her just be turned out and relax on the farm for about about two months. Then I will see how she’s doing. If everything still seems good, I will start riding her at the walk for a few minutes a day. From there I will build up to more time every few days. After a few weeks, I should be able to walk and trot her (as long as everything feels good). If she does, then I will continue with her rehab and she will be able to be ridden more often.

2023 Goals

Our goal is to compete at the Retired Racehorse Project in October 2023, which we still have months and months to prepare for. Play has been so patient during these last three months, handling her stall rest and handwalking so well. I am so excited to continue this journey with her. I can’t wait to see where we end up in a few months! She has been such a good girl, eating lots of Pop Tarts and mints, getting spoiled, and spending a lot of time together. I love her so much and am thrilled with the progress in her rehab so far!

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