My Pal Jerry ran for Wasabi Ventures Stables from September 2017 through October 2018. He was retired via Beyond the Wire and now is loving life with Jessie. Keep reading to hear her latest update on this nine year old gelding.

The Best Pal

My Pal Jerry is just that, my best pal. He is always happy to see you, loves being pampered, and enjoys trying new snacks. To date I would say peanut butter crackers are his favorite.

Jerry has successfully completed three novice level events over the winter. We’ve started schooling some training level jumps, and he is eager to answer the harder questions. The plan is to do his first training level event in the spring.

Indoor horses?

He is an absolute joy in every way. If the doggie door were slightly bigger I’m sure I would find him on the couch with the dogs.

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Timber, who was formerly known as Intrepid Forest, ran for Wasabi Ventures Stables in 2019. After an unsuccessful attempt to start her career as a broodmare, she transitioned from racing to second career with Abbie Fischer. Abbie found Timber’s forever home with Brooke.

Timber’s new best friend, Brooke, has been busy teaching her new roles. Timber and Brooke have moved up in the jumper competitions. Timber also has started trying hunters. Additionally, they competed in their first ever derby in September.

Timber jumping

Timber and Brooke are finding some success in the ring. They were the itty bitty series champions out of more than thirty competitors at The Ridge.

This is just another reason why we love following our WVS horses after they retire from racing. It is so rewarding to see that Timber has found a friend with whom she can learn new skills and enjoy her forever home.