Uhwarrie Sky joined Wasabi Ventures Stables in the spring of 2018. He went on to win twice for WVS before being sold privately in the summer of 2019. After another two years of racing, Uhwarrie was retired in late 2021.

Uhwarrie’s new home is at Buck Haven Farm in Highland, Maryland, with his new owner, Margaret. He has been doing some trail riding and is basically her personal horse.

Uhwarrie seems to be loving this new life, and we wish him and Margaret all sorts of happiness! To see more photos of Uhwarrie Sky, click here.

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Kaffeinated, now known as Happy, was purchased by WV Stables at the Fasig-Tipton MidAtlantic Eastern Fall Yearling Sale in 2019. She was part of their barn until September of 2021, when she broke her maiden and was claimed away.

In December 2021, Kaffeinated was retired from racing and adopted by Megan. Here’s the latest update from her:

Right now “Happy” (fits her super sweet personality, commonly called “Happy Girl” around our barn!) is enjoying a nice retirement until this summer. She is an absolute barn favorite, always accepting love from anyone and commonly searching pockets for treats.

After a full spring of rest and making friends in the pasture, we are planning to start back in the ring. The stretch goal is to do a baby starter event in the fall at Plantation. We also are considering some potential dressage shows this coming winter. We are going to try and feel out what she likes/takes to best and pursue that avenue!

Happy is so sweet, and we are so blessed to have her in our family. She is always the first at the fence, and we love seeing her every day!


We are so pleased that Happy has found her own happily ever after with Megan!

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Allied Invasion was retired from Wasabi Ventures Stables in October 2021. Now known as Alli, this is the first update from his new best friend, Claire.

Finding Alli’s new best friend

In late August, I lost my 24 year old OTTB- Levi. While heartbroken, I knew another horse was in my plans. Although I was eager to find a new partner, I was not in a rush. I wanted to be patient. The first time I met Allied Invasion, I was willing to wait.

Allī started his post track life with me on October 19. My immediate goals were to get him to trust me, allow him to let down from the track, and ease him to turnout.

The first few weeks, he learned to be turned out in the rehab paddock to build his confidence. On weekdays, he was limited to when I could get there after work, but on the weekends I found myself laying on a cooler next to the paddock, reading a book while he gained confidence. Within two days, he would come to my whistle, even when he was insecure.

In mid-November, we eased him to a larger turnout and over Thanksgiving weekend, we successfully transitioned him to full-day turnout. While he shows us from time to time how fast he can be, he loves turnout. (He even plants his feet when we bring him into his stall.)

Also in mid-November, we pulled his shoes to try to correct his contracted heels. He has been enjoying being barefoot.

New experiences for Alli

As for his new work, I started hand-walking with him in the rings and on the trails. I slowly introduced him to lunging, and he listened to my voice commands within two sessions.

Sunday was his first post-track ride. My friend walked us around the ring, just to be sure. I quickly felt confident to walk and trot him on our own. He did great.

A few people have asked me what my plans are for him. Well, to be honest, I’m going to wait and see what he tells me what he wants to do. I definitely want to trail ride, and I am open to jumping. But, where we will go, we will see. That is the joy of the journey.

Crazy Bernice was a member of Wasabi Ventures Stables barns in the spring of 2018. WVS claimed her at the end of March, and in her very next race she was claimed away at the end of May. Her stay may have been short, but with a name such as hers, she was quite memorable.

Near the end of 2019 I created a spreadsheet that contained every single horse WVS had owned and noted the status of each: actively racing, broodmare, retired, and unknown. Dear Bernice fell into the unknown category. Her final race in April 2019 was listed as a DNF, did not finish. I feared that she might have had fatal breakdown and that she would forever be an unknown.

Cue this year’s Retired Racehorse Project’s Mega Makeover and the alert eyes of a club member. In our Former WVS Horses Slack channel that club member posted that Bernice was competing. Using that information and social media, I reached out to Jazz Napravnik.

I explained my role and asked for any possible updates she could share. I was pleased to receive the following update from Jazz:

She’s brilliant!!! Crazy Bernice had a pretty bad suspensory injury, but she rehabbed well and now she is my dressage horse. She was a bit nervous here at the TB Makeover, but she has exciting things on the horizon. She loves to do her musical freestyles.

It is wonderful to see Bernice participating in a new event. What makes it even more wonderful is to see how loved she is in her new home. We wish Bernice and Jazz all the best!

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