WVS Signature Item Auctions

In January, I wrote an article that outlined planned events for 2022. One of the events I described was the WVS Signature Item Auction. Note that the word Auction has no “s” at the end. I assumed that The Horse Fund would host one per year. That assumption was quite inaccurate. As I write this post, not quite two-thirds of the way through 2022, we have held four of these auctions, with at least one or two more happening before year’s end.

There are a few factors that contribute to this event becoming more frequent. First, I have been fortunate to work with trainers who collect items for me. Both Grace and Zoe have saved halters and horseshoes for the auction. Second, we have acquired items from racetracks that have been popular, such as the 2021 Monmouth win trophies. Third, Benevengo ran in the Haskell Stakes, which provided many items for the auction, including a replica saddlecloth, paddock passes, official jackets, and more.

These WVS Signature Item Auctions have been popular with members of the WVS community. The most recent auction, held on July 31st, raised almost $1,300 from 39 items. In addition to the money raised, twenty different club members now have pieces of memorabilia to wear, display, or place in safekeeping.

We look forward to the next auction, probably in September or October. We can’t wait to share all the fun items we are collecting!